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Hi Everybody,

Learn and fun with your love one by using this app Adik Cerdik - Wild Animals. An interactive Baby's first words app by using pictures and sounds. It contains several wild animals pictures with label and sound to pronounce the animal names. In total 10 wild animals will be in this app. This app is designed mainly for parent to play with their 0 to 2 years old baby.

You can navigate the image by swiping from left to right or opposition direction to go from one animal to another. The user also may set the application for the mute session to disallow any sound by clicking the mute icon. You can just reset it back by clicking the sound icon again. 

For now, we only have an English version and for Bahasa Malaysia version is still in development.

Please enjoy it and drop us an email if you have any inquiries, suggestion or interested with this app. Don't forget to share and rate us!!! 

 At this time, this app is a freeware with an ad. It is free to use and share with your family and friends.This app can be download from this website or from the Google Play Store. Click button below:




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Here is some of the screen shot of Adik Cerdik - Wild Animals:





Adik Cerdik - Wild Animals Properties

Minimum SDK: 16 (Jelly Bean)

Maximum SDK: 23 (Marshmallow)

The Team

Izzul Aslam Azlan ( Android )

Mohd Hazizurin ( iOS )



2) Nor Azila Nadia Bte Zulhisham


Beta Version 1.0 (10 November 2016)

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