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- Your Personal Grade Tracker -

This app is made as a personal grade tracker for university students and lecturers here in Malaysia. The app will store and calculate your grade based on your entire subjects per semester.This app is free to use and you have the permission to share with your friends and colleagues by sharing the APK download from this website. The app is available in both Android and iOS.This will be the first app developed by the Sluung Team.

Please enjoy it and drop us an email if you have any inquiries, suggestion or interested with this app. Don't forget to share and rate us!!!

How To Use:

1) If you are first time user, you need to setup your preferences. The system will automatically will identify if you are first time user or not. The preferences will include your name, age, gender and most importantly your university. So far, 4Flat only support these two universities in Malaysia (UniKL/KPTM and UITM). However, If your university grading system is similar as these universities, you may able to use it by choosing the same university.


2) Then, add your grade(s) by choosing Add Grade menu. There are 10-12 available fields to add you grade(s). After you finished, click 'Done' at the right top of your screen. It will redirect to your result page.


3) At this Result page, you can choose to save your grade for this particular semester. You need to choose your semester before you can save. Choosing the same semester will update the previous saved GPA. The system will automatically calculate your CGPA at the same time.


4) You can view your grade including GPA and CGPA in your Personal Grade screen. By right this will be your main screen.


 Download the App directly from this Website or from the Play Store:

4Flat Unsigned APK



Click the 4 Flat icon to get the APK directly from the website 



 Click Google Play to install from Play Store



4 Flat Properties

Minimum SDK: 16 (Jelly Bean)

Maximum SDK: 22 (M)

The Team

Izzul Aslam Azlan ( Android )

Mohd Hazizurin ( iOS )


Beta Version 1.0 (21 September 2016)


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